About the DMC

The DMC and its divisions perform the following functions:

  • Develops sourcing solutions for identified unit equipment shortages throughout the ARFORGEN cycle
  • Tracks distribution execution down to unit level
  • Integrates equipment status and availability into the build of ARFORGEN units and project readiness availability
  • Executes maintenance priorities and monitors maintenance operations related to unit readiness in the ARFORGEN process
  • Serves as the executive agent and program manager for field maintenance reset (FMR)
  • Integrates and synchronizes Service Provider maintenance capabilities to readiness requirements
  • Provides prioritization guidance to LCMCs, DLA, and DOL in support of units or equipment in the ARFORGEN cycle
  • Provides in-transit visibility of the transportation pipeline to detect and helps resolve delays in movement
  • Provides Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS)-2A Class II, III(P), IV, and IX supply management support to CONUS units
  • Executes Class VII equipment fill and modernization as it relates to ARFORGEN readiness
  • Operates the Left Behind Equipment (LBE) and Pre-Deployment Training Equipment (PDTE) programs for the Army, taking accountability and maintenance for equipment remaining at home station when an active duty unit deploys

The DMC has 6 divisions to break up the above functions.

The Distribution Integration Division synchronizes and integrates execution of mission related tasks. Synchronize DMC support with the ASC staff and other outside agencies. Validate equipment shortages and coordinate materiel integration and distribution of approved sourcing solutions. Compile end-to-end visibility, supply, maintenance, distribution systems, and ARFORGEN processes in order to provide a current ARFORGEN logistics common operating picture (LCOP).

The Materiel Readiness Division supervises and synchronizes ARFORGEN maintenance by performing analysis that recommends priority, positions readiness assets, evaluates cost analysis, and plans DOL workloads. Monitor and analyze readiness data and focus on improving the responsiveness and efficiency of the CONUS maintenance infrastructure.

The Supply Division provides materiel management and customer assistance for demand supported supplies in CONUS. It provides sourcing solutions for unit equipment shortages throughout the ARFORGEN cycle and provides worldwide asset visibility for Class VII.

The Mobility Division is responsible for the tracking and movement of command interest moves of AMC customers, and AMC retrograde property movement from turn-in points to depot, to include high visibility property, such as small arms readiness evaluation team (SARET) weapons. It is charged with identifying and mitigating friction points to ensure velocity, accountability, and visibility throughout the forward and retrograde pipeline. The Mobility Division manages and synchronizes sea, land, and air operations. Assist in proper allocation of resources in supporting units in the assigned AO and provides OCONUS theater clearance and order processing support.

The Logistics Automation Division performs integration, synchronization, and planning for logistics IT systems; their interfaces; and associated user tools to conduct Army level materiel management functions within the DMC and in support of ASC activities.

The Quality Surveillance Division serves as the surveillance and assistance activity for the ASC to assess and promote compliance to mission requirements associated with maintenance, supply, transportation, QA, ammunition, contract oversight, and ISO 9001 compliance. Programs supported include APS, DOLs, LBE, PDTE, and TPE.

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